Capturing The Colonial Calcutta : Reminiscences Of An Era

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Howrah Bridge, Kolkata

Being a Calcuttan or a Kolkattan in today’s context; it is of profound interest to explore certain pockets and landmarks of the city, which in their own way speak of both architectural and cultural characteristics which take back to an era in spite of some drastic changes witnessed in modern context of the city, society,… Continue reading Capturing The Colonial Calcutta : Reminiscences Of An Era

Corporate Social Responsibility in Heritage Areas

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Jal Mahal revival, a project mired in controversy related to ownership and maintenance of heritage structures.

The protection of our national heritage is about protecting the cultural legacies so that it is experienced by the future generations to enable understand who we were who we are and help to assess where can we be lead to. Today with the advent of globalization and with development of the phenomenon of global corporation,… Continue reading Corporate Social Responsibility in Heritage Areas

Level Crossing

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Level crossings are abundant in India, majority of them manually controlled. In areas of high population density these are being replaced by grade-separators. The process is slow but necessary to facilitate faster railway movement as well as facilitating road transport For more visit our website. #transport #management #levelcrossing #population #inclusive #development #urban #urbanprecis #abstract #journalism… Continue reading Level Crossing

Is Affordable Housing Inclusive ?

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An affodable housing project underway In New Delhi.

Over half of the world is urbanized now. An ever growing population and increasing activities in a developing city bring about tremendous pressure on the urban land and its housing sector. Urbanization has resulted in people increasingly living in slums and squatter settlements and has deteriorated the housing conditions of the economically weaker sections of… Continue reading Is Affordable Housing Inclusive ?

Ring Railway

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Ring Railway – Conceptualised as a mass transit network, the ring railway currently is a failed transport project in capital. 35 km network is currently being utilised by express and goods trains pacing at 70-80 kmph on tracks mostly secured from urban intrusion. #infrastructure #Delhi #indianrailways #transport #motion #urban #urbanprecis #abstract #journalism #discussion #urbandecay #design… Continue reading Ring Railway

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