Lake Pichola Waterfront

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Lake Pichola Waterfront in Udaipur – Urban locations have been prominently affected by vicinity to water bodies. Sources of fresh water have historically attracted settlement of lands. Another reason for settlement near major water bodies like seas has been ease of trade. Many a time water bodies have been artificially curated to sustain towns and… Continue reading Lake Pichola Waterfront

Urban Villages

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Urban Villages – The villages in proximity of major urban centres are fast losing their rural character owing to easy access to money, services and material, jobs and opportunities. Such rural centres are no longer dependent on agriculture alone. This material transition is often coupled with eroding worth of traditional knowledge and systems. The very… Continue reading Urban Villages

DLF CyberHub

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DLF CyberHub – A perfect example of a congregation and community space based on cyber punk themes. The urban design blends social and commercial aspects to serve a milieu comprising of diversity brought to city of Gurgaon owing to its promise of opportunities and living standards. #gurgaon #publicspace #urbandesign #congregation #social #culture #corporate #india #urban… Continue reading DLF CyberHub

Level Crossing

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Level crossings are abundant in India, majority of them manually controlled. In areas of high population density these are being replaced by grade-separators. The process is slow but necessary to facilitate faster railway movement as well as facilitating road transport For more visit our website. #transport #management #levelcrossing #population #inclusive #development #urban #urbanprecis #abstract #journalism… Continue reading Level Crossing

Ring Railway

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Ring Railway – Conceptualised as a mass transit network, the ring railway currently is a failed transport project in capital. 35 km network is currently being utilised by express and goods trains pacing at 70-80 kmph on tracks mostly secured from urban intrusion. #infrastructure #Delhi #indianrailways #transport #motion #urban #urbanprecis #abstract #journalism #discussion #urbandecay #design… Continue reading Ring Railway