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Urban Precis - Urban Issues... Urban Abstracts... Discussions and discourse on urban habitats and human environments.

Massive urbanization is ground reality now. World is more than 50% urban. And a large part of this wave of urbanism occurs in developing world, which is prophesied to be a growing trend in coming years. It will lead to increased consumption of resources. The process shall lead to a multitude of issues – transport, pollution, environment, infrastructure, social strife, governance… – in this urban century.

Urban Précis is a platform to discuss and share solutions to such issues. The website aims to collect articles and abstracts to articles aimed at identifying urban issues. It also seeks solutions, hypotheses, photo essays regarding cities.

The goal of website is to create an informative resource for general readership to sensitize them regarding the built environment and habitat. The secondary objective is to develop a resource guiding masses for transition from rural to urban.

At this platform we intend to collaborate and bring together a blend urban stories and informative articles. For the purpose we engage contributors of varied backgrounds by means of write-ups, photographs to develop an opinion of plethora of urban topics and observations.

You are welcome to contact us regarding our content, memberships, association. We invite ideas, suggestions for this venture. Please use the form below to contact us.

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